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One of our goals is to provide a new type of relationship between you and the civil process server. We have done this two ways: First, by focusing the process server on the job itself and preparing professional Affidavits which are suitable for you to present in court.  And second by developing elite process servers through an independent network of dedicated people who care about supporting our clients and performing the duty with integrity.  By listening to our clients, attorney's, paralegals, and other legal professionals we will make those changes necessary to improve the routines which everyone will attempt to imitate.  ​Join us and find out what it means when we say -  Expect Excellence.​​​​​​
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Our Current Focus

As of October 2014
we are announcing our new product for Law Firms and Attorney Offices.  No longer does money and time need to be wasted negotiating server prices, and following up checking to see if your court process is served.  Our clearing house is designed to accommodate any size firm nationwide.  If you are interested in learning more about how this new process work simply click here and indicate when we can call you to discuss.  One call and done. 
OUR VISION is to transform key functions for the the Process Server industry; by introducing transparency and integrity to every aspect of the legal service of process.
OUR STORY began in May 2008 with a simple idea in a break room at the Bank of America, and a $75 dollar investment which has now become a thriving statewide company.  READ MORE
HOW CAN we help you?

Private process servers are evolving into much more than simply someone taking papers to a defendant.​​  We have on staff paralegals, notaries public, guardians, and yes even judges who utilize the legal process service as a compliment to their toolbox.  In fact, the days of civil process servers as a primary source of income are all but gone.  This means it is more important than ever to utilize company's who are dedicated to delivering not just a quality affidavit, but can also provide backup routines so your process of service is completed as you need.  The service of process can vary between county , city, even from just blocks away.  We work hard so the routines are the same across the State of Texas and the licensed process server assigned to your work order completes it the same each time.  From the Summons, Citations, Subpoenas, to special Orders and Private Collections, the legal process server will deliver your papers with dignity, respect, and always above reproach.
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