Can serving court process support a family?
Across the state of Texas the serving of court process is changing. The requirements, the duties, the expectations, everything. But for someone trying to put food on the table it may be quite a challenge, especially if you are located in counties outside the more populous areas of Houston, Dallas, or Austin.

There are several ideas forming as to help with cost, job classification, compensation, and transparency.

What are some of the ways which could be put in place to ensure fair pricing, adequate compensation, and the implementation of benefits?
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Our Vision
Our Story
Our Vision is to transform key support functions for the Process Server Industry,  by introducing transparency and integrity to every aspect of serving court process.
Our story began in May 2008 with an idea in a breakroom of one of the largest banks in america. With a $75.00 investment the company has expanded to a statewide enterprise helping local communities with Civil Process Servers, Notaries Public, Officiants, Loan Signing Agents, Business Consultants and much more!

Thank you for visiting our website.  One of our goals is to provide a new type of relationship between you and the civil process server. Our select group of associates are focused on providing a ​level of support you will take notice of and simply call us for all your court process delivery needs​.  We have done this two ways: First, by focusing the process server on the job itself and not collecting the fees as job number one.  Two by developing an independent network of dedicated people who care about supporting our clients and performing the duty with integrity.  ​Join us and find out what it means when we say -  Expect Excellence.​​​​​​
As of July 2014 we are focused on creating a network of dedicated companies who seamlessly work business to business to reduce advertising costs, stabilize the pricing model in Texas, and develop reporting and analytics around the performance of the civil process server.  In addition, we are breaking all rules with regards to how the job classification is defined with the Texas Workforce Commission and properly establishing the hiring practices by paying workman's compensation and unemployment insurance premiums.  Our primary objective though remains to bring a pricing structure which is equitable to the legal community as well as the process servers.  It is not an easy task, but we have pulled together some great people who collaborate well and are invested in ensuring this industry moves forward into the future.
Areas of Expertise

Family Court Documents
Civil Court Documents​​
Respondent Location
Document Retrieval
Electronic Filing
International Court Service
Recovery Support
Advanced Notarial Support
Alternative Serve Support​​​​​​​
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Our Current Focus

As of August 2014 our attention turns to
engaging quality associates, reaching out to the various communities, and expanding the customer base. Attorney's just starting out or leaving current positions are welcome to re-define how they wish to manage the routine by contacting us to discuss workflows and support functions which will suit their clients.  We now have paralegals, notaries, and officiants to assist.  Call us to set up an appointment to discuss!
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