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The goal is to have a professional return electronically filed & the Court's acceptance back within 24 hours of service.

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In the state of Texas  Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested (CMRRR) is authorized in all District and County Courts pursuant to Tex. R. Civ. P. § 106(a)(2) and Tex. R. Civ. P. § 501(b)(2) in the Justice Courts.  The complete rules of civil procedure for Texas is located on the Texas Supreme Court website and the rules for service of process can be accessed here.

WHAT TO EXPECT: When requesting Service of Court Process by Certified Mail the following will occur:*

  1. Turnaround time of four-six (4-6) days or less.
  2. Service return e-filed within one (1) day of delivery.
  3. Court acceptance emailed to you the same day the clerk electronically saves the recorded return.
  4. Work order is tracked on a secure vendor platform. You will be contacted when new order is uploaded.
  5. The address is checked for accuracy to ensure recipient is residing at location. (Source: TransUnion TLOxp)

FLAT RATE PRICE: The flat rate is statewide and can only increase if the level of effort for service is impacted by:

  1. A second recipient at the same address increases the price by $32.50.
  2. A charge of fifteen cents ($0.15) per page over fifty (50).
  3. Any work performed unrelated to delivery by certified mail is at regular rate.
  4. Rates decrease on bulk orders over five (5).  Contact the office for tiered pricing.
  5. Add $55 for service on Texas Secretary of State.

You may complete the below form and receive a call before sending over the documents, or simply send them to this email address: .  Once the documents are received a phone call confirming the order will be made to you the same day.  An email notification and an invoice for prepayment with the option to use a credit card will follow.

If this service of process option sounds simple - that is great! The goal is to provide a no nonsense approach to serving Court process utilizing the tools provided by the Supreme Court efficiently and at a reasonable price.

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*DISCLAIMER: As with all work orders which are dependent on uncontrollable factors; there will be, from time to time, outliers which will extend the date which service of Court process is perfected utilizing the Certified Mail option. The client will be updated and all service attempt types will be completed and additional charges will only be added to the invoice upon approval by the party requesting service. Please do not seek legal advise from a civil process server.  All questions regarding the service of process should be addressed to a licensed attorney.