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No Attempt Limits:

There are no attempt limits on work orders.  The attorney decides on when alternative remedies are to be used, not the process server! We will make all reasonable attempts, conduct research, ensure full diligence is completed, and report back to you for further instructions.

Monthly Billing:

Our billing system reduces the amount of effort for you and your law office by eliminating the need to generate a check for each work order. Process Once sends an invoice with each service return for your client files and bills you once a month for work orders completed. Our clients save time and money by not having to track and issue checks throughout the month (unless they choose to).


The research provided includes the current location of both individuals and business' registered agents nationwide at one flat rate. The results are in-depth and have a 97% success rate. We utilize state of the art proprietary software from a vendor who specializes in having information from all data streams available. Our clients no longer have their staff spending valuable time searching for recipient information, when we can have the correct address available in less than one hour.

Service Returns:

The goal to have your service return completed the day the delivery of your documents is completed is common sense.  We electronically file all returns in the County and District Courts of Texas, and file by fax in the Justice Courts.  The Court acceptance of the return is sent to you the day it arrives. Original returns are sent to your office upon request.

Witness Subpoena:

Perfecting the service of the Witness Subpoena seems to be a challenge for some, but not us.  As a dedicated client you have fully trained servers who take the service to the next level to ensure the recipient understands their obligations once handed to them, and the Court will have complete confidence in the service return which is filed with them.  Cash witness fees are paid pursuant to State statutes.  Further, if you are in need of subpoena preparation it will be done and delivered to your requirements and your deadline.

Alternative Service:

The affidavit in support of a motion for alternative service is ready for you to use.  If you should decide that an Order from the Court for alternative service is appropriate, we will prepare the Affidavit, the Motion, and the Order for you or your staff to file with the Court. Our attention to detail and due diligence will ensure you have the level of confidence needed when filing your Motion.  Alternative Service is requested only when all other remedies at service have been exhausted and you wish to move forward with it.


  • Instances in which additional costs are going to be needed, you are advised prior to an invoice being issued. 
  • Advanced support is available, such as paralegal and legal assistant support as you may need at hourly rates.
  • At no time are clients assessed arbitrary fees, all pricing is based on data supplied by the Texas State Comptroller's office, the US Dept. of Labor and developed through a free cost based analysis for your review if requested.