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The goal is to have a professional return electronically filed & the Court's acceptance back within 24 hours of service.

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Delivery of Court Process:

Average turnaround time is 3 days or less.  Service returns are electronically filed with Texas County and District Courts, for the Justice Courts we fax file with the Precinct.  The Court's acceptance is emailed to you the same day it is received by the office.  In most all cases, there are no preset attempt limits.  Pricing for the Dallas area is: Urban $80, Suburbs $95, Rural $120.  Assistance with service in remote or other areas of the state is $165. These prices include mileage, printing, notary, and filing fees.  Additional fees can apply but will be explained when the work order is placed.


The research provided includes the current location of both individuals and business' registered agents nationwide at one flat rate. The results are in-depth and have a 97% success rate. We utilize state of the art proprietary software from a vendor who specializes in having information from all data streams available. Our clients no longer have their staff spending valuable time searching for recipient information, when we can have the correct address available in less than one hour. Cost per individual or entity is $55.

Courthouse Retrieval / Document Lookup:

The following Courthouses are available for all pick-up of process, and document lookup and printing: Dallas, Kaufman, Van Zandt, Collin, and Denton.  All Court costs must be paid to the Court prior to pickup.  Printing of documents from archives are $1 per page. Fee for Courthouse services starts at $65.

Subpoena Preparation / Delivery:

Witness Subpoena preparation is available for both domestic and foreign Courts.  Please contact the office for procedures.  Prices includes the service of the Witness Subpoena.  For Texas domestic Courts the price is $175, and for foreign Courts the price is $450.

Surveillance / Private Investigation:

A special team is available for criminal background, surveillance, and private investigation.  Please contact the office for pricing and to get a quote on your specific work order and requirements.

Products Available

Below is an overview of the products available to dedicated clients and individuals.  Where appropriate the price is listed, and where available the Texas statute is linked.  Please feel free to contact the office with any questions. Thank you.