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Service of Court Process
Van Zandt County Texas

Flat Rates.  Includes mileage, printing fees, notary costs, and the service return is electronically filed.

No Attempt Limits.  Attempts are made until our client decides other remedies are to be used.

Same Day Returns.  Our deliverable is a perfected service return completed the same day your documents are delivered.

Our clients have expanded support

Professional Research.

Based on experience, education, and credible source data.

Courthouse Support.

Comprehensive record searches, document delivery, and retrieval by a responsible and professional team.

Investigative Options.

Expanded background and surveillance available from educated and respected experts.

Level of Effort Pricing.

Large projects can be better managed when bids are made on your court document support requirements.

Don't Just Trust Your Process Server
Expect Excellence.
Process Servers vs. Sheriff
Make The Call And Find Out

"When it is done right, at a fair price, and on time - you know you made the right choice. "

" I like resolving all the different issues which can sometimes come up when serving.  Civil Process Servers can really make a difference in helping folks resolve legal matter by serving and filing returns timely and professionally."

"Being a process server in law school was a great business, and introduced me to so many people in my community."

"This job is no Pineapple Express - that is for sure!"

Feature One

Professional certified civil process servers and staff educated in the fundamentals of business efficiency.

Contact Us Now!

Become a dedicated client and receive volume discounts,  experienced servers focused on you and your clients, with price savings on your first monthly billing statement.  Push the button!! 

Civil Process Servers who are knowledgeable, educated, and have the drive to ensure that they represent you and your client in a professional and respectful manner ensures perfected service every time.

Here is a short video with some very interesting insight as to why choosing the right civil process server will ensure you can focus on your task at hand, and not have to worry about execution of documents.

The above link will take you to a webpage of all the rules governing service of process in the state of Texas.  Test the civil process server you are currently using, you may be surprised at what level of dedication your current server has. 

Feature Two

Security of sensitive data is primary when dealing with public information. Your client information is stored on a secured platform, all hard copies returned to you or destroyed.

Feature Three

Turnaround time is critical to you, so it is critical to us.  Our standard turnaround time is less than 3 days.

Phone: (972) 242-1782 | Fax: (972) 755-4897 | Email: 

Cities: Canton, Wills Point, Grand Saline, Edgewood, Van, Fruitvale, Edorn, Myrtle Springs

Phone: (972) 242-1782 | Fax: (972) 755-4897 | Email: 

15950 Dallas Parkway Suite 400

Dallas, TX 75248

Process Once

Have You Made The Call?

Process Once has analytics which enable us to bid on large work orders for class action suits, collection accounts, and subpoena service.  Cost benefit analysis is provided free of charge. Our clients were amazed at the cost savings - you will be too.

Our primary goal is to have a professional service return electronically filed with the court, and the Court's acceptance back to you within 24 hours of service.

We are experts in the location of any person or entity nationwide with a 97% success rate for one low price.  Save money by having your staff work on your case and not locating recipients or witnesses.

Our dedicated clients save time and money by only having one monthly invoice for all work orders.  We issue individual invoices for you to place in your client files.


  • All Process - $70.00
  • Additional to same address - $35.00
  • Courthouse Retrieval - $55.00
  • Recipient Location - $65.00
  • Subpoena Prep / Delivery - $175.00
  • Courthouse Research - $65.00


  • E-Filed Return
  • Return Filed Day Of Service
  • No Attempt Limit
  • Day / Night / Weekend Attempts
  • Progress Updates
  • GPS Tracking of Service

No Hidden Fees:  All pricing includes mileage, printing, notary, and filing fees. Any additional costs must have your approval first. Excludes Witness Fees.

SCH 10071 Exp: 12/31/18

EIN# 80-0831540

"I may own the company, but I live in Van Zandt County and personally serve your papers myself."